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Junk Yard Pinball

Junk Yard

The point of the game is collecting pieces of junk.Combinations of junk pieces creates new devices.

Hair dryer + toaster = toaster gun

Television + weathervane = radar

Bicycle wheels + bathtub + fan = jalopy

Fishbowl + jalopy = submerger

Propeller + jalopy = flying machine

There are five adventures: Radar Adventure, The Great Jalopy Race, The Great Toilet Adventure, Air Tactical Combat, and Outer Space.Theri is mini video game that is played on the screen (Save a girl) Other elements of game Skill Shot,Window Shopping,Great Toilet,Magic Bus,D-O-G scoop,Sewer,The Crane,Crane Hurry-up,Multiball,Time Machine.

Length: 140 cm
Width: 71 cm
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 147 kg

Junk Yard